Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My very first Blog!!

This is my first post on my blog! I wanted a way to communicate all the many things that go on in my head. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs so I thought making one of my own would allow me an outlet for talking about everything. I will talk about myself first. I love my family! My husband is amazing. He is very kind and loving toward me. Although, I do not always acknowledge that, lately I have been pretty grumpy and mean (I am 36 weeks pregnant). He calls me his Queen and he is my King! We have two wonderful boys and a girl on the way. I love to coupon shop! I enjoy and get pretty wrapped up in finding things for FREE or better than free. I enjoy cooking and decorating our house. I am blessed to live by my sister and niece! I get to take my niece to school 4 days per week and am very involved in her school activities. She has her last day next week! It is also neat that they get to spend so much time with my youngest son, Zeke. He is 16 months old and my niece, Delia is his best friend. You should see how excited he gets when he sees her! You would think he hadn't seen her in forever! She loves to play with him too! I use a midwife instead of a doctor for my pregnancies. I can't imagine it anyother way. I have the most amazing midwife, Jean Sala. She is with Inanna Birth Center. She pays so much attention to me and I feel like she is more my friend than my midwife. She and Lynne have taught me that I can do anything if I can push a baby out! Zeke was 8 lbs 15 oz. It was an experience. One I will never forget and i am so grateful I experienced it where I did. It was like a bed and breakfast! If you are thinking about using a midwife, check them out at I have a Home based business, creating customers accounts for a 23yr old Health and Wellness Company. The products are amazing. I have fallen in love with the cleaning products. They do not use harmful chemicals. My favorite cleaner is a hospital grade dissinfectant and it contains the herb Thyme. It smells great and I do not worry about spraying it around my son. It won't hurt him like Bleach would! If you would like more information you can check out my website at Well, I did not plan to ramble but hey, isn't that what this is for? I plan to utilize this blog for sharing my everyday life as well as encouraging myself and others to completely submit their hearts to Jesus Christ, their Heavenly King as well as those who are married to submit themselves to their earthly King, their husbands! God bless everyone! Start referring to your husband as your King! It will make him feel great about himself and he will feel your honor and trust in him!

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Marli said...

I'm so excited that you're blogging too! I can't wait to hear all that the Lord speaks to you and the thoughts in your head AND of course the great CVS deals you will be posting!!! LOL