Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beans and Rice for a Week

I have read a few different blogs recently about eating beans and rice to save in the grocery budget. We tend to have beans and rice often and then use the leftovers in at least one if not two other meals. Here are 2 blogs to check out some ideas on eating beans and rice all week!!

Simple Life

I just have to write about our current living experiences and say how grateful I am to be living the Simple Life.
About 2 months ago my husband, 2 children and I moved into a 1 bedroom apartment across the street from a major university. This was not my first choice in where to live. I remember the day we moved in I was thinking about how soon can we move out. The amazing thing is over the past two months I have grown to LOVE our living conditions. Last weekend while I was doing laundry at a laundrymat I had this great revelation with God that he completely will make what seemed to be soooo bad into something so amazing. There were several things about our situation that I considered awful:

no washer/dryer
no specific parking spot
only 1 bedroom
small kitchen
climbing a flight of stairs with 2 small children

I am sure there were others but for now lets just look at these and let me tell you I have found
so much blessing I do not know what to do with it. (so I thought I would share it with you)

Going to the laundrymat once per week allows me to get a weeks worth of laundry done in about 2 hours. I get to do the laundry and have those 2 hours alone away from the house. This has become my new favorite thing. I get a soda and a book and head to the laundry mat. It is so fun and relaxing.

Not having a parking spot and having to climb the stairs with the kids has encouraged me to stay home most days. I completely enjoy this. We tend to get better rest this way. The kids have been healthier considering they are not out there breathing in other peoples germs at Target, Barnes & Noble, or the mall. We also have had fun homeschooling, cooking together, playing and plenty of other fun things we do at home.

Cleaning the apartment is a snap. I can basically clean the entire place in 1 hour. The kitchen is small and that is still a bummer but hey at least it stays pretty clean since there is less to mess up.
Also the kids pretty much stay in one room or the other. We tend to be in the living/kitchen area during the day and only hang out in the bedroom during nap/rest time and bedtime. Their toys are contained to one room and clean up is quick.

My husband has wanted to open his own business for a few years now and by sacrificing and living in a 1 bedroom apartment I can help us get there. Our rent is very cheap as well as our utilities are low. We spend a little less on gas since I stay home and of course spend less money on fast food and other activities.

We know that we can do anything for a season. A lady once told me "this to shall pass". She was referring to my small children and how they will grow up and be easier to take care of in the future. But I think we can think of this in all areas of our lives.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kids and Naps

Wow! Time flies. My kids are already up from their nap and I have not done much of anything I needed to do. Does this ever happen to you? My children are 1 and 2years old. About 2 months ago they started going down for their nap around 12pm vs. 2pm. This makes for a very crazy afternoon. My 2 almost 3 year old has often not even slept. Which if I look at the bright side, this means he will go to bed by 7pm and sleep til at least 7:30am tomorrow. But I do encounter a "witching hour" aroudn 5pm. I guess there are two sides to every coin. On the one hand, I do enjoy some time to myself in the afternoon but hey the evening is good too! I guess I should just be grateful they nap at all or at least stay still and quiet for a period of time. :) more on napping and routines later.