Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Late Afternoon Writings

For the past several weeks, I have sat down to write out one of the several blog ideas I have had in my head and each time I was unable to get my thoughts out into words.  So here it goes! 

My children's routines and attitudes have changed lately and have been very challenging  Abi is teething so that has always been a challenge.  She has also become much more independent.  She now, sleeps in her big girl bed and is really wanting to go potty in the potty!  All this is good, but I was not ready for this. 

It is just another example of the huge sacrifice we, mommies, have to make for our children and our husbands.  It does not matter that I want to sleep til 8am on my days off.  Abi is an early riser and gets up around 7am so up I go to!  My kids bedtime has been 7pm for while now.  While, that is great for Abi it is becoming aparent that I will have to make Zeke's bedtime a little bit later.  When he takes a nap, he is not so eager to go to bed at 7pm.  And it is becoming much more obvious that he needs daily naps!  SO, changes will be made in the Adams routine!  Mommy has been attempting to workout 3 mornings each week (at 5:15am).  This is a new routine.  And since we started going to Mothers Day Out twice per week the other days we are home have been very laxed and might I say, lazy!  I know I have to jump back on the routine/structure wagon!  It is just so hard!  Don't get me wrong, I still have routines at naptime and bedtime but all the other times have become so relaxed we just play!  I haven't made a real dinner in several days.  If that tells you anything! 

So all this to say, I gotta get back into my routine!  I think I will start with writing out an outine.  Add in a menu plan and go for it!!!  Routine is great I just have to get myself excited about it!  I know it will make our lives so much easier.  And then somewhere down the line it will change again!  The joys of being a mommy!

I am not so sure that is what I wanted to write about. 
Some of the post ideas I hope to write about soon!

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A couple of delicious meals we had about 2-3 weeks ago
Bragging/Updates on my great kids
Great Homeschool websites that I frequent
Other wonderful Blogs that I frequent

Until then, Enjoy!!

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