Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Yellow Cup

God really does know best!  If we could only keep this at the forefront of our hearts and minds we would save so much time searching in this life and more importantly save some heartche!  I was reminded of this today when Abi was so determined to get a certain cup at bedtime.  She had a yellow cup earlier in the evening and by golly, she was determined to get that cup.  I was offering her a nice, full cup of juice (pink) but she wanted her yellow cup so bad, she was whining and crying and running all over the house franticlly searching for this cup.  I continued to offer her the "pink cup" much to her disappointment and continued crying.  I did not understand why she would not take the "pink" cup until she went in the bathroom, then I remembered that she had left her "yellow" cup in there.  The "yellow" cup had fallen in the bathtub.  I watched as she leaned over trying to reach the "yellow"  cup.  I cringed as I wondered if she would fall in.  I was on my toes prepared to grab her if she started to fall in.  She didn't fall.  After a few tries she turned around and came to me and took the "pink" cup.  Never to look back at her "yellow" cup.  For someone so determined to get that "yellow" cup I was amazed at how quickly she was content with her "pink" cup. 

This is so much like us in life.  We are so determined to do things our way.  When our way doesn't work or turns out to not be what we would want it to be, then we decide to look God's way.  I wish I could say that I listen to God and obey every time.  I pray that my heart and mind be so consumed with God, His ways and His thoughts that I will go for the "pink" cup next time instead of following the "yellow" cup!  How much more content and happy could we be if we followed His way! 

God Bless!

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The Mathis Crew said...

What a PERFECT story..what a great way to put it in perspective. What a blessing this was..