Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trusting your Husband

My husband was sick this past week. And we are not talking about a little sick. He came down with Tonsilitis and missed work for 3 days! My husband works contract as a nurse and does not have sick time! He was really sick! At first I was a little annoyed with him. I am 38.5 weeks pregnant and he came to bed late Sunday night complaing and waking me up that he didn't feel well and that he may have to call in to work. Well, I was very annoyed that he woke me up and then I was annoyed that he was talking about calling in to work. We need the money! So I responded with no sympathy and told him to quit whining! As hard as it is to admit it I did tell him that. The next morning I knew he was sick. He kept telling me it was tooo cold in our house and that we could hang meat in there, etc. He was obviously running a fever. He was in bed all day. At some point I realized that my issue was a trust issue (I love to have my husband home during the week) and I needed to trust that God would meet our needs and know that my husband would not call in sick unless he really was! He knows our needs as well as I do! He does not call into work that often! As I began to understand this and deal with the root issue I was able to serve my husband during this sick time that turned out to be 3 full days. The next day we went to the doctor and he found out it was Tonsilitis so he was on antibiotic and since I was pregnant I saw my midwife to make sure i was okay. My throat was a little sore. My throat was a little red so she prescribed me and antibiotic as well. I wasn't feeling the greatest but I just kept wanting to serve my husband. This time of sickness brought us closer to eachother. It was a very hard time for my husband ( he said several times he didn't think he had ever been this sick) and I am glad I was able to submit to him and trust his judgement. How awful of me if I had whined and complained and he had gone to work sick!? I even turned off the fan one night since he was shivering so bad!

I also wanted to add something I heard this morning at church about Submission! Tommy Nelson was talking about how a wife is to submit to her husband but he explained how the Husband submits to Christ and Christ submits to God! So as we submit to our husbands we are ultimately submitting to Christ and then to God! So when we are NOT in submission to our husbands we are also NOT in submission to Christ! Really makes me think! I will have to remember this when there are times I don't want to submit. Our husbands have to answer to Christ for everything they do! When I trust God it makes it a little easier to trust my husband.


Marli said...

oh man! That's a great story! You are absolutely right about being in proper alignment with our husbands brings us into proper alignment with God. Jeff had a paper for school his last session on headship--we bought like 10 books on the subject! Anyway, that is a great word!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Like Marli mentioned, I wrote a fifteen page research essay on biblical submission, not just between husband and wife, but that did cover the majority of my paper. I believe this is one area where the church is really lacking in giving proper instruction. Understand proper biblical submission will help Christians live at peace within their own families and with other brothers and sisters in Christ. If everyone understood how God intends for us to live and submit to authority, there would be a better understanding and correct practice of right church government and a better family dynamic. There would certainly be more responsible and loving families in the Christian community. Wonderful story.