Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two under 2

I am officially the mother of Two under 2!! And boy is it challanging! Hence the reason I have not blogged in about a month! I have so many things rolling around in my head but no time now to get them down. I just wanted to post a few photos of my new family member and also to let you think about something I have been thinking about lately.

I have been thinking about the different roles we all have in a family. For example a mother has a different role than a father and a husband different than a wife. A husband is responsible to provide for the family where the wife is to submit to him and follow! I am grateful that i do not have the responsibility to provide for my family but some how buck up to my husband when I think he is crazy for wanting to do something! Ladies, we have to trust them. I know it is hard sometimes to think that God would have us trust these crazy sinners but He put them over us for a reason! And the role as mother and father. The father's role is not to care for the kids. That is our role as a mother. Yes, they can help out as they see fit but it is not their job! It is a mother's job. And yes, when they do help and do it different than you would like, feel free to correct them but I wouldn't expect them to help out again! I speak from experience. I appreciate my husbands help and learn the hard way that if I want his help I need to let him know I appreciate it and not correct him. Another tidbit I have learned regarding this. They will not remember the simple things (like which lid goes with which sippy cup) even though you think they should. This is NOT their job! Their job is to love us wifes and to provide, among other things. Our job is to take care of the husband, kiddos and the home! WOW! I guess I really did blog about this! LOL Here are some photos of our sweet Abigail Rose!!! Feel free to comment regarding roles and responsiblities in families.

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Marli said...

Good and very true thoughts!

She is so sweet!