Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was singing to my son as I tried to get him to sleep tonight (big challange right now in our house) and I just began singing the phrase "I'll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross" this is from the song, "Here I am to worship". As my son fell asleep I thought of this: there is always "Cost" involved. As a mother/wife I see the "cost" in caring for my children, serving my husband, etc. When I was an employee there was "cost" involved in my job. As a friend there is "cost" involved in relationships. Sacrifice is something we will always come across! How awesome it is that God thought it was worth the sacrifice of His Son for us to have life! I have been studying Genesis lately. The fall of Man and Noah. Without the sacrifice of God's Son we would not exist! We would naturally sin and have to die for those sins! If Adam and Eve could sin so easily without any distractions, struggles, etc do we think we are any different! Tonight I want to acknowledge how Blessed and Grateful I am to be Saved from Sin! Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice you made for Me!!!! I want to follow that example of sacrifice and be a Cheerful Sacrificer with my family! I want to sacrifice for my husband and children without complaining! I want to embrace the beauty and blessing I have to be a wife to an amazing husband who loves to serve God and loves his family and a mother to three wonderful children who all need me in different ways. Thank you God that you have given me eyes to see how to serve them all!

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