Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome Back!

I thought I would just welcome myself back to my own blog!! I am not sure how many people read my blog but if you do, I am sorry to have been gone so long. My computer was being fixed. Hopefully it is all better and will work wonderfully for me for a long time to come! With that being said, if you regularly read my blog please leave a comment so I know who you are! It is fun to know who your audience is!

Not having a computer for several weeks taught me so much. I learned that I had to plan a lot better. I was able to check email , etc at the office of our apartment as well as at the library. I go to the library once per week to get videos and books for Zeke so I would just take a few extra minutes and check my email and other things. I have also done lots more baking and cooking. Less computer time means more time for other things. I have learned that Zeke enjoys cooking with me. Sometimes he really helps and other times I just give him a little ingredients to play with. He loves it! I have posted a cute picture of him cooking this morning! I have been able to go through boxes and our closet! I still have a few other things to go through but this was a big start for me. With two growing kiddos and Me losing weight it seems that we are getting rid of clothes all the time.
Hope everyone is well and thinking of all they have to be thankful for this week! I have plans for at least 3 more posts so I hope to get those up before Tuesday night!

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