Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hurt Hand

My sweet boy touched the iron last night! We weren't sure the extent of the damages until this morning when I was fianlly able to catch a glimpse of a blister. Not too big and not tooo red. So hopefully it will heal nicely. He is very protective of that hand. He cried everytime we talked about it last night. It wasn't a pain cry but one of those I know I did something I wasn't supossed to and got hurt cries. It was so sad. I really do not think he will be touching the iron again! I am amazed daily at the emotional, social and mental growth that I see in him. He now knows all his letters and numbers (0-9). Will voluntarilly say he's sorry to his sister when he is mean to her. Shows genuine concern for others. We were watching a commercial about the SPCA and they were asking people to adopt the puppies. While we were watching, Zeke said "yes, I will". I asked if he wanted to adopt a puppy. He said "yes, he's crying". It was so sweet! I love my sweet boy! I hope he always stays sweet, considerate and loving!!

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