Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What have we been up to??

Well, the kids and I have been doing some homeschooling on the days we are not at Mother's Day Out!  Zeke is doing really well with his letters, numbers and sounds.  He is working on writing his letters and loves to draw/color pictures.  He is really quite good at making people!  I have been working with Abi on her colors, shapes, letters and numbers.  She is getting pretty good at her shapes.  She also loves to color/draw.  She has such a different learning personality than Zeke.  She is a little stubborn, so mommy is learning how to teach her in her style!  What a job this is.  This month we have been talking about the Days of the Week, Months of the Year and the Seasons.  We talk about this each morning and also watch a great video about the Seasons that we have had since Zeke was a baby.  He knows all the seasons and can quickly tell you what season we are in.  It will be interesting next week when we talk about it changing to Fall!  He knows Fall comes next!  We have also been talking about the weather so these rain storms and weather changes have been great for our learning.  For Bible we have been focusing on Zeke's Cubbies scripture memorization as well as reading random bible stories in their bible.  One that we have talked a little more about is Cain & Abel.  I have been reading the kids books about getting along and being kind to your brother/sister, sharing, etc.  At our library you can check out Reading Totes that include about 5 books and a video for different topics.  We checked one out on Sibling Rivalry.  It has been good.  We will get one on Weather next.  This week we did some painting and Zeke has learned to make his own PB&J!  He does really good!  He uses less peanut butter than I would so that's a plus.  He also eats it much better than if I had made it!  Not to mention the fact that my sweet boy who is growing up way faster than I would like is very proud of this new skill!  I can tell that it makes him feel very good about himself when he makes his own sandwich.  Abi is teasing me with her potty training.  One week, she will do very good and the next she will get lazy on me and peepee in her pants.  So for now, we are just waiting on her.  I have full confidence that she is capable and will fully train soon!  Below are a few pictures of our projects this week!

Zeke and Abi painted these and I wrote their names on them.  We have them hung by their beds!  Very simple.  (We used a paper bag to paint on and a pipe cleaner to hang them)  I may turn the sides under to make them look a little neater!

This is tye dyed with Koolaid.  It was messy.  You mix one koolaid pkg with 1oz white vinegar.  If we were to do this again, I would have doubled or trippled the recipe.  We quickly ran out of dye!  The website I saw  said to iron the shirt with a iron cover, to set the dye.  So we will do this later when the shirts dry. 

Here are two great books we have been reading relating to Seasons!  They are both wonderful.  "Pie in the Sky" has the recipe for Cherry Pie in it and "Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf" has directions for making a bird treat!  Lots of Fun!

We are having lots of fun learning! 

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