Sunday, November 30, 2008

31 Days - No Media

I am about to embark on 31 days of No Media. I have had a rough weekend and I will probably share a little more about that over the next 31 days. I am posting about this because I want the accountability. I know my friend marli reads my blog so even if she is the only one at least I have now told one person so I am currently held accountable to this 31 days! This means No TV, movies, radio (only music to be worship music), and internet (only use internet to blog, I will not be reading other blogs,etc).

I was reading "Life Management for Busy Women" by Elizabeth George and was encouraged to manage my mind. This brought on a vision for many changes in my life. I have grown frustrated and stressed with my life. My two youngest children keep me busy all the time and then there is my oldest son who I homeschool. Then I have to cook, clean and all the rest. I also have a husband who wants a wife to be there for him. That has left no time for me. I have to stop right now and state that my husband has encouraged me consistantly to take time for myself. I find that when I do take time for myself i tend to do things that need to be done. I rarely just relax and spend time alone. This has taken a great toll on my spiritual, emotional and physical being. Therefore after reading this morning I decided that I would take 31 days and remove as many distractions that I could and focus on me as much as I can! When I told my husband I was doing this he was very encouraged. He has gone without media for periods of time before and was very encouraged by this. The first time he did this was 9/11. It was very life changing for him to not be focused on the media during this time in america. Another neat coincidence I thought of today was that 5 years ago in October Mike and I had broken up (this was before we were married) and then got back together around the first of December. When we got back together we decided to not kiss until January 1. What an amazing thing that was for our relationship! I am very encouraged in doing this. I already saw that i had more patience with my 22 month old earlier tonight. If you are reading this, pray for me. Pray that God would open my mind to see the things He would have me see. Pray that He would show me disciplines He wants me to have. Pray that I will listen to Him and be strengthened to be the wife and mother he has created me to be!

I will be back tomorrow to keep you posted about my No Media as well as to post my Menu for the week!!

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Marli said...

Father, I pray that you would use this time Angela is devoting so that she may become healthier in all areas of her life. I pray that You would show her things and reveal your heart for her. Strengthen Angela's family as she takes away any distraction from You and them. Bless these next 31 days. I ask these things for Angela in Jesus' Holy Name. AMEN! :)