Sunday, November 30, 2008


I got busy last week but I did want to post at least this one more thing I am thankful for!!

MY HUSBAND - my husband is very patient with me.

I am grateful for a husband who encourages me to be honest, to take care of myself, and who loves me even when I do not deserve his love.

My husband is a great father. He loves to be around Brandon, Zeke and Abi. He and Brandon have a very open relationship. Brandon knows how Mike feels about things and He knows that Mike is the boss but he also knows he can talk to him about anything. Mike loves to play with Zeke. Zeke loves his daddy too! He loves to watch for him at the window and to give him kisses when he gets home. Abi knows her daddy's voice too. She will completely turn her head just to see him when she hears him.

My husband is a great leader. Mike wants what is best for our family. He is a great provider. He decided that we should move closer to his job so that he could continue to work hard for us but also be around us more. Now we are so blessed that we can have lunch together most days.

My husband is a Visonary Man! He loves to dream! Never tell my husband he can't do something! He will reach for the Moon and Catch it!!! ( i read this somewhere "Reach for the Moon, even if you don't catch it you may catch a star") Kinda cheesy but great point! I hope he never stops dreaming! I will follow him anywhere!

My husband loves to have fun! I love him very much!!!

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