Monday, November 24, 2008

Budget - leave the debit card at home!

Do you budget? Mike and I have been sorda budgeting for about 2 years now. We definately write everything out each pay period and allot money for each need. Do we stick to it 100%?? No not really. We are both very quick to use the debit card when needed or so we think we need it. So this past pay period I decided that I would place my debit card in the safe. This way when I go out I have to plan and take the cash with me or Tough Luck! This will probably mean less money spent eating out and more planning on my part! By staying home more over the past few months I have learned a little more about planning. I rarely go out with both kids so I plan most of my errands, grocery trips and other shopping for my one night a week that I go out by myself. This by itself has saved me much of my blow money. When I would run my errands and get out more than this I spent much of my blow money on fast food. I am excited to see how much we can save just by me leaving my debit card at home. This is also a way that I am being more submissive to Mike. I usually justify using the card because I know he has used it. Kinda silly huh??? I will keep you posted on how I do these next 2 weeks with out my debit card.

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