Friday, February 4, 2011

Finer Things Friday: Full Freezer & Pantry

For the past 4 days, we have had lots of Ice and Snow!  Schools have been closed all over.  What a blessing it has been to open up my freezer and pantry to find plenty of fixings for lots of great meals!  The nicest thing has been the little things that I have stashed away in the freezer.  Small bags of beans used to make a yummy chilli.  Pumpkin stashed away back in October to make delicious Pumpkin bread.  And a box of extra 7-Up and Cream Sodas leftover from Zeke's birthday party!  What a special treat for my two little troopers!  These surprises are definately a Finer Thing!!


Susan Evans said...

Hurray for a full freezer! I love the title of your blog, by the way. May God grant the desires of your heart as you seek to follow Him!

Angela Adams said...

Thank you Susan!