Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Live each day to the Fullest

I was encouraging my sister yesterday to live each day to the fullest. I thought about what I had said to her and decided to encourage myself with the same advice. Each day we have 24 hours we will never get back. I hope to not waste that time worrying about something I cannot change, arguing with my husband or anyone else about something that doesn't matter, not allowing my kid to be a kid because it will make a mess. I hope to enjoy each and every minute of every day! Letting go of having everything figured out and everything "looking" perfect. I am gonna let it all go (within reason, of course) and just enjoy this life God has placed me in one minute at a time!

I tend to look forward to the next big thing on our calender instead of enjoying each moment so right now I am enjoying my kids napping and me relaxing while blogging. About to clean up the house before my amazing hubby gets home. Then we will be going to have a date night! Thanks tosh for keeping a kiddo for us!

Remember to enjoy every moment, you will never get it back! Hope everyone who reads this has a wonderful day!!!

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