Friday, December 12, 2008

No Media = Less Distractions

I chose to remove media from my day in order to remove distractions and focus on Me (not selfishly but to get things in order in my life)! Isn't it ironic that when you begin to remove things from your live others just tend to move in on it. I have been thinking of so many things I could be doing on the internet lately since I decided Not to be on the internet. Someone asked me to be their friend the other day on Facebook. So of course I joined and got into adding pics, comments, etc on there. Also I have been searching for things such as a play kitchen on Craigslist for Zeke for Christmas as well as other gifts and looking for events around town for New Years Eve. If you have ever searched the internet you know that when you start looking for one thing it leads to many many others.
So starting today for the next 19 days I will allow myself 30 minutes each day to blog and check email, and anything else I need to to. After that I will put up the computer.
God has still changed somethings in me during this time so far. My communication with Mike has gotten better. We both have been a little more patient with eachother. I have been letting things go that I can't control. We have enjoyed our time together with and without the kids. Abi has gotten on more of a schedule and Zeke has been going to bed easier and taking better naps. God has blessed me in all these areas! Abi has even been sleeping til 7:30 am for the past week. (no 5am bottle)
Getting up early is still a challange for me. Mike and I are going to work together to both get up earlier in the AM. This also means we will be working together to get to bed earlier as well.

God Bless!!

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