Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I feel very blessed today! I have an amazing husband who loves me very much! We enjoy eachother's company and help make eachother's lives easier. Is there a better way to get throught his life? I have three beautiful children. 2 boys and 1 girl. The oldest has moved out and works in a coffee shop. I am very proud of him. He moved out 1 year ago, and he has managed to keep an apartment, a truck and pay his bills for the past year. He is a good kid, works hard and knows how to have fun! My middle child, is growing up. I love that I can carry on a simple conversation with him. He is almost 3. We talk about his favorite things each day and for the past few months it has been "juice". My youngest is growing up as well. She plays very well with her brother. (minus the minor fighting that is normal for bro and sis) I am grateful to be in the phase where they play so well together. Today we have played Memory and Playdoh. Now they are contently playing with toys while I write this post. I think we will finish our Thanksgiving craft before lunch! I am also blessed with a great family and many wonderful friends. I talk to my moms and nana at least once per week. I meet with one friend once per week at IHOP. It is such a treat for me to get out one night per week just for me and enjoy coffee with her. I am blessed that I am saved by grace and not by anything I can do or not do! I love the Lord with all my heart! He is my friend and comfort in time of need! I am learning to lean more and more on him. To trust Him with the decisions in my life. Even the simple decisions, like where to go on Thanksgiving! I am blessed that we live such a simple life. I don't need fancy things and I hope to teach my children not to need them as well. I am blessed that I get to stay home with my kids. We enjoy playtime, mealtime and naptime throughout the hours of the day. They have been very healthy and I attribute that to me being able to stay home with them. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! My the Lord bless you and keep you in perfect peace!

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