Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Baby Boy's Curls are GONE!

Today, my husband took Zeke to get a much needed haircut. The barber apparently misunderstood what a "Trim" means and literally cut all my baby's curls off! I am posting before and after photos. We are grieving the loss of Zeke's beloved curls this evening! To all you out there who have been asking "when are you going to get him a "little boy" haircut?" Well here you go!!


Katie said...

NOOOO!! Oh my, all those beautiful curls! He's still adorable of course, but goodness it's going to be tough getting used to his "little boy cut". Praying for you Angela as you mourn his curls!

S.Mizell said...

Oh guys !! I can hardly believe it.
Angela, I had to cut all Collin's hair off when he was 3, so I know how you feel. Console yourself with..."it will grow back" right? It would be worth finding someone who knows how to cut curly hair. It is different. He's still Zeke though!

Marli said...

He looks like a totally different boy! Handsome one though! :) Gotta love those curls, did you keep any for a baby book? hehe