Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am humbled to be the parent God has chosen for my children. 

These past several days sickness has invaded my household.  Started with my sweet little boy having Ear pain the day before his birthday.  This was short lived and he seemed to feel better within 12 hours.  Then my sweet daughter developed lots of congested, runny nose, itchy eyes and cough.  Next sweet husband began to feel pretty under the weather and since he has a job in the medical field decided it best that he visit the doctor.  Turns out he has Strep Throat.  With the kiddos continuing to have congestion, etc we decided it best that they make a visit to the doc as well.  Turns out they have Ear Infections (could have strep but antibiotics for ear infection with treat that as well). 

My humbleness comes in the fact that I didn't think they were THAT sick.  I would not have gone to the doctor.  They were getting well!  They played the entire time in the doctors office as if they were perfectly healthy.   Had my husband not gone to the doctor and found out he had Strep Throat, we would have sat at home all the while my kiddos suffering from Ear Infections. 

So grateful that God works circumstances and situations so that we make good choices.  He is the one in control and He sees the bigger picture.  I thank God that he is taking care of my children.  And me!  He is a faithful God so much bigger than I can even imagine!

How has God blessed you today??

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