Thursday, January 27, 2011


For the past 18 months my family of 4 has lived in a 1 bedroom apartment above a coffee shop across the street from an University!  When we first moved here I was constantly focused on the negative things about this place.  Over the past several months I have begun to see the roses in the thorns.  So many of the things that I saw as soooo bad have become such blessings.  Living in such small quarters has caused us to think and live our lives much simpler.  So for the next several weeks on Wednesdays I will post a way that we live just a bit more simple. 

So to start things off .....

One way that we live a simple life is          Less space to clean - Purge Clutter Often

I can clean my entire apartment in less than an hour.  The kitchen is small, so less to clean.  I think the bathroom probably takes the most time to clean.  Pick up is quick, there is less space to hold things.  I purge things and get rid of them often.  We have a storage building and we keep most of our things there and only get things when needed.  We trade out toys for our kids often and exchange clothes seasonally.  I have invested in several storage units that keep clutter and toys hidden.  Baskets, Plastic containers, Closet Organizers and Coat/Bag racks help to organize our small space.  I have two large wall hanging coat racks right by the front door.  These hold coats, backpacks, purses, bags, strollers and any other random things that need to be kept out of the way.  Most of my kids toys are in plastic containers or baskets.  I also have a 9 cube shelf that holds the canvas drawers.  This has been my favorite clutter container.  I love that it is decorative and clean.  I use 4 cubes for books and the other 5 with canvas drawers to hold toys, cds, note cards, etc. 

Less Space, Less Clutter makes my life simple!

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