Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day for my Hubby

I read on another blog, about a wife who celebrates the 14 days til Valentines' Day by giving her husband a special treat each day leading up to Valentines Day. I thought this was such a fun idea so I am going to do the same for my hubby! I got behind and gave him the first 4 days in one. I went to Market Street today with my mom and got a few treats. And I began writing 4 notes on index cards (I did 4 to catch up, after today I will only do one per day). As I was writing them out I decided that each day I would write a reason why I love him and choose one attribute or one thing I really like about him to focus on. I put the cards with a Reeses Candy on his side of the bed. He came in earlier and hasn't noticed! I can't wait to do this each day! Then on Valentines Day I will probably try to cook a nice dinner and have the kids in bed so that we can have some time alone that evening!

What kinds of things have you done for your husband on Valentines Day??

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